Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND)

At Boot Farm Kindergarten we believe that throughout each children’s ‘life journey’ they have the right to be individuals and grow, develop, learn and gain experiences with support and nurture throughout their early years and into early adult hood.
We value parents/carer’s as prime educators of their children during their most formative years and would seek continual parental involvement in keeping communication channels open, enabling the early identification of any difficulties or additional needs as they may present themselves.
Our setting provides an accessible, inclusive, stimulating, homely and supportive environment; one that offers the highest quality care, education and equality of opportunity for learning for all children and not to be discriminative to those with special educational needs or disabilities.
Please see the ‘Equal Opportunities and Inclusion’ policy for the setting, ‘Our Local Offer’ document found on the West Berkshire Family Information Services website.
Children joining us with an identified additional need-
Following the requirements set out in the ‘Special Educational Needs and Disability’ code of practice (July 2014). When children identified as having special educational needs join our setting, a meeting is arranged with parents, the child’s keyworker and the Special educational needs coordinator (SENCO) to discuss the child’s needs, likes/dislikes, their family background and whether they already have an ‘Early Years Support and Achievement Play Plan’ (SAPP) or ‘Education, Health and Care (EHC) plan’ in place, as outlined in the Children and Families act 2014. This enables us to get a full picture of the child’s ability and needs; together with parents we can ensure the right provisions are in place and the correct adult/individual support is given to maximise the child’s learning and individual development. In working together with parents, our assistance is offered to help arrange meetings with other agencies that may be involved with the child/family. Ensuring we are all working towards the same goals and high aspirations that parents and staff have for all children.


All Children-
A ‘Learning Journey’ booklet is created for each child recording their development and progress with observations, photographs and progress reviews which are documented by each child’s individual key worker. Their development is regularly tracked against the ‘Early years outcomes’ set out in the Statutory Framework for the Early Year’s Foundation Stage; this is an Ofsted requirement for all settings. Our staff complete a 2 year developmental check for each child and if it is identified that a child is not meeting the milestones for their age in any areas, the parents are invited to meet with the child’s keyworker and SENCO to discuss their child’s progress and development. Staff work closely with parents offering advice and support, enabling us all to work together to extend the child’s learning and experiences. If needed we will advise and sign post parents to additional specialist agencies that may be able to offer additional support if needed. Referrals may also be made.

These outside agencies being;
 Health Visitor                    
 Audiologist               
 Doctor                            
 Portage - home worker
 Social Worker                
 Educational Psychologist 
 Speech Therapist            
 Pediatric Specialist
 Occupational Therapist 
 Feeder Schools
 Family support worker    
 Pre-school teacher councilor
 Family and children’s services
 West Berks Early years team


For children that have an ‘Early Years Support and Achievement Play Plan’ (SAPP) in place, the plan will be reviewed termly by the child’s keyworker with input from the parents, child and SENCO.  Staff will then be able to highlight areas of greater need and plan activities and learning opportunities using the children’s likes and strengths to develop these areas. We hold regular parents evenings and we have an open door policy which supports parents in meeting with their child’s keyworker, to air their views and to be listened to as they express any concerns or worries they may have about their child’s progress. The children’s learning journeys are always available for parents via the Tapestry online system. This is a shared document where we encourage parents to input activities and observations from their child’s time at home. With parent’s permission the ‘Learning journeys’ are shared with other professionals and moves with the child during transitions through settings/school. This is in line with the data protection act.

The role of the SENCO involves ensuring all practitioners in our setting understand their responsibilities to children with SEN and the settings approach to identifying and meeting those needs. The SENCO liaises and works with other professionals and outside agencies securing the best outcomes for each child. The SENCO is always available to advise and offer support to colleagues and parents ensuring that a close working relationship with parents is nurtured. We value the parents close involvement and insight into their child’s world. 
Boot Farms Kindergarten  SENCO is Helen Burgon (Manager)

During Kindergarten sessions Helen has the overarching responsibility for all children with additional needs and the staff’s awareness and training needs; as appropriate. They themselves have attended various SEN courses and have had experience with working with children with SEN and disabilities.
We Comply with the provisions of the SEN and Disability act 2001 (SENDA 2001) as outlined in the disability Rights Commission (DCR) code of practice and the Special educational needs and disability code of practice July 2014.
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