Safeguarding Children

Child protection
We know that you would share in our belief that ‘Every child has the right to be protected and it is everyone’s responsibility to protect children’.

All Staff are trained and have an understanding of child protection issues and implementing the Safeguarding Children policy and procedure appropriately. Our policy is in line with Local Safeguarding Children Board’s guidance and procedures. All staff must read and then review the policy at regular intervals.
Our aim is to meet all the requirements as set out in line with the Local Safeguarding Children Board’s (LSCB) guidance and procedures and the revised EYFS framework (3.13) along with the Every Child Matters documentation. Management have a duty to make a referral to the Disclosure and Barring service (DBS) if they have been made aware of any staff member harming or a child being at risk of being harmed.

Procedures for management and staff.
• All staff to be constantly aware, vigilant and supportive of staff who may be dealing with children on a one to one basis. i.e. Bathroom time, nappy changing, sleep room, or swimming changing room.
• To report any concerns, incidents, accidents or worries to the management.
• To record and monitor concerns whilst having regard for confidentiality.
• Management will follow the ‘What To Do’ flow chart that is on display in the office if they are worried or concerned about a child and need to make a referral.
• Management will notify the Child Protection Agency (LSCB) and Ofsted without delay, on being made aware of allegations of abuse and follow up with a written account with-in 48 hours. .
• Management to have a good working practise of safer recruiting of staff and implementing appropriate enhanced checks and references for all staff.
• Newly appointed staff to shadow senior staff during their three month probationary period or until their enhanced checks are complete.
• All staff to attend appraisals annually to identify potential improvements in individual’s development and any training needs.
• All senior staff to hold a relevant first aid certificate.
• All staff to refrain from using social networking with regards to professional working practise and client base (parents) as this may put children, parents, staff or management at risk or compromise confidentiality and professionalism.
• To review Safe Guarding Children training every three years by all staff members.

Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory framework.
Staff need to be observant and able to respond appropriately to:

• Significant changes in a child’s behaviour
• Deterioration in a child’s general well being
• Unexplained bruising, marks or signs of possible abuse
• Signs of neglect
• Excessive medication
• Comments children make which give cause for concern
• Report any concerns.

The above will be monitored, recorded and reviewed over a designated period of time and confidentiality will be maintained at all times.
Management will work closely with parents/carers, staff, providing it is appropriate and there is no/minimum risk to the child. Parents will be consulted, should any help or advice be sort from outside agencies.
Telephone number for Ofsted: 0300 123 1231.

Lost child
Boot Farm Kindergarten offers a safe and secure environment for all children and staff. In the event of a child or children being unaccounted for (lost) either on kindergarten premises or off site, the Management and staff will respond using their full ability and training.

• A thorough search must be taken to locate them.
• Ask people in your vicinity to help.
• Check first any area of water, main road or outside the building.
• Phone the Kindergarten management if off the premises.
• Management must phone the police for help.
• Only the Manager or Deputy must phone the child’s parents
• Any loss or serious injury must be recorded, stating staff present, location and how the incident was handled and the outcome.
• A report must then go to Ofsted and further copies to the child’s parents and one to be filed at the Kindergarten.

The staff disciplinary policy will be followed in the event of a complaint or allegation made against any member of staff. This could be unsatisfactory work, inappropriate conduct or a complaint made against a member of staff by a parent/carer, staff colleague or another professional. It is hoped that these situations never arise but if they ever should, then all staff must remain calm, professional and supportive, remembering confidentiality to all those involved.

Management will deal with incidences and allegations that may arise with regards to ‘Child protection and keeping children/staff safe’, as a matter of urgency and will document appropriately.

If however a member of staff feels a situation has not been handled correctly or inappropriately the staff member is able to make contact with the child protection team or OFSTED directly to raise the issue or concern they have.

Contact numbers in this following order;
1. Boot Farm Manager Helen Burgon (Mobile) 0777 5847 402
2. Child protection team. Duty Officer (day time) 01635 786572
3. Child protection team. Duty Officer (Evening /night) 01344 786543
4. Ofsted 0300 123 1231
5. Children’s and Families information service 020 7940 7531
6. West Berkshire Early years team Manager(EYC) Janet Scott 
 01635 519 063