The care, safety and happiness of young children are of paramount importance to the management and staff at Boot Farm Kindergarten. We aim to offer the children support, reassurance, love and lots of praise in all areas of work and play.
At all times, children are encouraged to be polite, kind, friendly and caring to all those attending the Kindergarten, through examples set by parents, staff and peer groups.

‘Children’s behaviour will be managed affectively and in a manner appropriate to the stage of development and particular individual needs.’ EYFS

Our aim is to meet all the requirements as set out in the EYFS framework.

Any anti-social behaviour demonstrated, is quickly observed and positive steps are taken by staff to address the negative behaviour shown, whilst supporting and reassuring positive behaviour, rather than the negative being displayed.  Kindergarten staff are always quick to ensure the child knows it is the poor behaviour demonstrated that we disapprove of and not the child as an individual. Staff will monitor continual anti-social behaviour and parents will be kept informed of the steps taken to discourage any inappropriate behaviour.  It is our aim that parents and staff will work closely together in support of each child. All staff are approachable and always on hand to discuss with parents any problems or difficulties the child may be experiencing within or indeed outside Boot Farm Kindergarten.

We do not use any form of punishment, be it restraint, naughty chair, naughty corner or physical reprimand. We do have a practice of hugging and holding hands, which offers the child comfort, reassurance, support and a one to one time out with a responsive caring member of staff, enabling the child time to regain his/her control. We have an expectation that children will make an apology if they have hurt a friend, always with support from staff.
It is not our policy to encourage children to take action into their own hands or allow them to harm each other, instead to ask for help/assistance from the staff in helping to resolve conflicts that may occur.