10 things nurseries want from parents

  1. To allow the child at least 2-3 weeks to settle in
  2. Not to prolong leaving if their child is upset, so that staff can settle the child quickly.
  3. To understand that nursery rules and procedures exist to protect the children, not inconvenience parents.
  4. To keep staff updated with changes in personal circumstances which may affect the child.
  5. To keep us informed of children's developments and achievements at home.
  6. To attach name labels to all belongings which are taken to nursery.
  7. To encourage children to use the toilet / blow their nose / put on their coat (age appropriate).
  8. To discuss problems with staff rather than gossip about it to other parents.
  9. To pick up their child on time at the end of their session or day!
  10. To receive feedback and thanks from the parents for the care they give.