Grant Funding in Early Education 

As Boot Farm Kindergarten is registered with OFSTED and West Berkshire Education and Childcare Partnership the management are eligible, on your behalf, to apply for the ‘Free entitlement to Early Years Education’ for up to 15 hours per week, during term time only, for children 3 and 4 years olds.  Children become eligible for the grant in the term after their third birthday, giving each child three or more terms of funding before they start main stream school. Parents/carers will be expected to pay the remainder of their child’s sessional fees once the ‘Free Entitlement to Early Education’ has been deducted.

Because we are a private setting, parents choosing to use our childcare facilities need to be aware that there will be additional costs to their grant funding entitlement. These additional costs are towards the activities and opportunities we can offer that other settings may not be able to, making Boot Farm Kindergarten one of the best childcare settings within our local community.

These include;
• Open 51 weeks a year supporting working parents
• Open 10 hours a day 8-6 again supporting working parents
• Flexibility within daily sessions (full days/half days)
• Flexibility enabling us to offer additional extra sessions (staff and numbers permitting)
• Experienced, passionate and dedicated team of highly qualified staff within childcare and early year’s education
• Excellent staff to child ratio. For our 2-5 yr olds we offer a 1:5 ratio instead of the government recommended 1:8 ratio offering plenty of opportunity for more 1:1 play and learning experiences
• Free and full use of 2 Boot Farm vehicles enabling offsite experiences to include, library, parks, shopping, Thatcham nature reserve, 4 Kingdoms adventure park and school visits
• Good opportunities to network within the local community to include visits to local schools for assembly, school plays and performances. This gives the children additional experiences of school environments, supporting their easy and seamless transition into school
• A homely, spacious, welcoming and vibrant play environment with wonderful resources offering plenty of opportunities for stimulating learning and social development and interaction
• Fabulous outdoor play environments set in rolling country side and surrounded by woodlands and wildlife
• Mature gardens that are equipped with stimulating, challenging and varied climbing and play equipment, 2 fully enclosed trampolines, a fabulous selection of sit and ride trucks, trikes, scooters, cars, bike all supporting children’s physical and gross motor skills
• The addition of a separate ‘all weather’ balance garden that includes a dragonfly balance beam, tyre bridge, varied height stepping logs and an outdoor classroom with educational sensory boards
• A wild garden area with the use of raised planting beds for outdoor growing and observing nature all year round
• Easy accessible parking in close proximity to the Kindergartens main entrances
• Freshly prepared snacks of fruit, vegetables and dried fruits along with milk and water available throughout the day
• Opportunities for cooking and baking
• A stimulating social environment enabling parents to meet others at our social gatherings including our annual summer garden party, a Christmas party and nativity, an annual summer outing and regular parents evenings.

Creating invoices
Our invoices are created on a termly basis and take into account the free government hours parents wish us to claim on their behalf.
Prior to any claim, parents will be asked for a copy of their child’s birth certificate and need to fill in and sign a termly parent declaration form provided by west Berkshire council stating the amount of hours they wish to claim at Boot Farm Kindergarten.

As stated in the Free entitlement to Early Education leaflet supplied by West Berkshire council
‘The entitlement is for a maximum of 15 free hours of early education for 38 weeks per year (a maximum of 570 hours).’

As Boot Farm offers care and education for 51 weeks per year, our invoices are created termly (over a 4 month period) and we calculate the amount of days or sessions each child attends per month, deducting the grant funded hours accordingly.
Because the grant funding is calculated over a 3 month period each term, the 4th month of each term is calculated at full kindergarten sessional fees. We total the full terms costs and divide equally by 4, spreading the cost to you over the term, making it easier by enabling you to create one standing order each term.

Parents need to be reassured that all of the free entitlement claimed for each child is reflected in the child’s termly invoice.
Our sessions are
• A 4 hour session of which parents can claim 3 hours free entitlement
• A full day (10 hours) where parents can claim for 6 hours free entitlement,
      (2 sessions per day)