About Us

Boot Farm Kindergarten and pre-school was opened in April 2002 and expanded in September 2004. We are registered as an ‘early year’s pre-school and full day care provision’ within Berkshire and we are OFSTED registered. The Kindergarten offers full and part time professional childcare for 51 weeks of the year, closing for one week at Christmas, all bank holidays and one further day in the summer for our annual outing.

The Kindergarten is attractive, small and homely providing childcare for a total of 58 children. The young babies are cared for in the ground floor playrooms, with places for 18 babies aged 0-2 years. The Pre-school children have their playrooms on two levels. Care and education is provided for 40 pre-school children aged from 2-5 years.

Aims and ethos of the kindergarten

The Kindergarten aims to provide through play a stimulating, well structured, safe and homely, happy and supportive environment. This enables all children to grow, develop and learn, whilst working within the ‘Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation stage’ (EYFS). The wide range of play activities and experiences offered will enrich the overall development of each and every child.

We aim to provide love and security enabling children to express their feelings and to cope with fears, anxieties and difficult experiences.

We aim to encourage the development of pre-school skills, language, reading, writing and numberwork, independence, self-confidence, health and self care.

These aims can only be realized with the full support and close working relationship with children’s parents/ carers, as we believe they are the prime educators of their children.